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Your best defence for event contracts

Only a BALANCED and THOROUGH event contract protects YOUR bottom line. Accepting a draft contract leaves YOU dangerously exposed.

We look out for YOU. For a fixed and transparent fee, our contract review finds YOU valuable cash savings and minimizes risks.

On average, our clients save $27,000 - $35,000 per contract in actual savings and avoided risks.
We’re looking out for YOU!

$8.25 Million tracked in actual savings and avoided risks for our clients

OUR proprietary 52 point checklist ensures all contracts are thoroughly reviewed – for what is included and more importantly for what is missing!

Negotiating event contracts is all we do – we take a “forensic” dive into “every single word” on your behalf.

We do the math on everything! Approximately 2 out of 5 draft contracts contain mathematical mistakes.

Taking an event contract from DRAFT to DETAILED can take upwards of 10 hours of dedicated time – creating a BALANCED contract is not an easy nor quick task.

Putting our 25 years of event planning experience to use means we examine “event logistics” in as much detail as the clauses that create savings and minimize risk.

Our services enable YOU to sign your event contracts with confidence, as your best interests are our #1 priority.

Average savings per contract is $27,000 - $35,000 in avoided risk and cash!


Contract Reviews

Our comprehensive written contract reviews are the MOST thorough means of achieving a BALANCED contract!


Eager to grow your knowledge? Our webinars give you in-depth learning at your convenience and at your desk!

Training & Speaking

We love to train teams in-house or virtually. We’ll customize our training to meet your specific needs.

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