Contract Reviews

If you’re not reading AND understanding every single word of your event contracts, you could be putting your event at risk!

Planner Protect will “forensically” review your next event contract to ensure that it is fair and balanced! We will work with you to ensure that the contract reflects and protects your best interests.

Our services include:

  • Line-by-line breakdown of suggested revisions to the contract
  • Identification and explanation of key clauses that put your event at greatest risk financially and logistically
    – and proven means by which to change them
  • Identification of opportunities for untapped value in contract features and concessions
  • Insights from a professional event planner with contacts in accounting and hospitality contract law

For one flat, transparent fee, Planner Protect Inc will provide a full written report within 4 business days. Unlimited email and telephone support is available until the contract is signed.


Planner Protect Inc. offers educational webinars that provides event hosts with skills, knowledge and confidence to negotiate better event contracts.

VENUE CONTRACTS – NAVIGATING THE LEGALESE (3 hr format OR 3 1-hr modules format) This webinar digs into the clauses that contain the greatest “RISK” for event hosts: indemnification, termination and cancellation. Little-known clauses, as well as industry best practices, are also explored.
Investment: $247 + HST
Upcoming Dates:

VENUE CONTRACTS – WORKING WITH A 3RD PARTY AV PROVIDER (1.5 hrs) This webinar outlines the “Buyer’s Right to Freedom of Choice” clause developed by the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association and provides 11 points of consideration for building maximum flexibility for choosing 3rd party AV suppliers into venue contracts. Being able to work with your owned preferred AV supplier begins with negotiating good language in the venue contract.
Investment: $147 + HST
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Planner Protect Inc. has a variety of presentation topics ready to deliver for event professionals, event hosts and in-house planning teams! From laser-focused mini sessions to main stage talks to extensive in-house training workshops – we provide attendees with comprehensive learning materials and use a variety of adult learning methods to drive home the teachings.

We also work with organizers to customize training presentations that will:

  • Inform and educate your attendees
  • Review and dissect current or already signed contracts for best practices
  • Review and explain the clauses with the greatest risk potential
  • Discuss the often “missing” clauses that will protect and enhance events
  • Discuss value-adds and concessions that will assist events’ bottom-lines
  • Provide insights into event venues
  • Highlight industry trends and best industry practices

Contact Planner Protect to discuss your upcoming education needs.


Heather Reid has never reviewed an event contract that she didn’t find at least one area where the event organizer wasn’t making a costly error. That’s right, not even ONE! Heather will teach event organizers in your audience how not to waste money, lose money and wreck their reputations by making costly errors. Event organizers know how to run their events. Heather knows how to review contracts. She will share what she has learned from reviewing hundreds of contracts and give your audience solid take-aways that can save them thousands of dollars.