Being Moved 10 Days Out – Could This Be You?

Heather Reid


As event planners – we all know that no matter how much planning and thought you have put into the lead-up to the event – the last couple of weeks are always crazy! They are crazy with last-minute changes, final budget decisions, confirming attendance, re-confirming attendance, changing attendance (oy!), crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s”… you know what I’m referring to!hreid-sep-30
It is with this first-hand knowledge that I physically cringed when I read the headline in one of my industry list-serves – “Being Moved 10 Days Out!”. I could only imagine what this horrendous and unexpected experience might have been like – as I have been incredibly fortunate to never having experienced this.

So, I want to share their story and share the lessons.


  • Group of 70
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Construction at hotel venue fails to be completed as scheduled – will not be done for client event
  • Client told they had to move 10 days out
  • Hotel venue has found comparable space 220 miles away in Orlando
  • Client not moving their event 220 miles away
  • Hotel venue tells client they will cover flights etc
  • Client refuses this “remedy”
  • Hotel venue claims there are no local venues available – they contacted 20 places
  • Client double-checks on availability – there is space available – just not at venue’s local sister property
  • Client struggles to get any satisfactory assistance with being released of their contract – hotel venue simply wants to relocate them
  • Client finally relieved of contractual obligations
  • At 7 days out – client has to notify all participants of alternate location
  • Event planner now planning the meeting for the 2nd time around!
  • And the insane kicker, the hotel venue wanted the client to sign a gag order before releasing them of their contract


  • Venue Contract – are you certain that you adequately negotiated every aspect of the venue contract?
  • Language – you had better know your contract language – this example was predicated on the tiny little words “substitute hotel” being changed to “sister hotel” in the final contract version.
  • Litigation, cancellation, contracts – your group had best have access to legal counsel to assist with negotiations
  • This kind of scenario could be adapted to reflect medical emergencies, weather impacts, flight disruptions
  • Do you honestly have a tangible plan of action for your PLAN Bs and PLAN Cs
  • Do you have trusted advisors to call upon in a time of urgent need – e.g., global sales, destination marketing organizations, legal counsel, insurers

I would encourage everyone to read the full and real story here.


So – what do you need to do today to minimize your exposure to this kind of situation?

I have 2 suggestions:

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Together, and alongside legal counsel, we can create event contracts you can trust!


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