Happy “GMID” 2017! What are you doing to celebrate?

Heather Reid


To all of my colleagues in the meetings and events industry - Happy Global Meeting Industry Day!

I am so proud that Canada led the way years ago in nationally recognizing the contributions of this industry - and the industry professionals who make it happen every single day...day in and day out!

And now it is a global initiative of recognition.....with peers - such as each and every one one of you reading this - from across the globe, being acknowledged for the valuable work that our industry undertakes.

I wish I could say that I am attending a GMID event somewhere today, but regrettably not. I'm travelling for work.  However, thanks to the brilliant use of technology, I am going to be able to participate virtually with events from all across Canada.  A huge shout out to FMAV for their coordination and investment in this!


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